Rediscover The Joy of Learning

Rediscover the Joy of Learning
Author Tony Husted coach

by Donald A. Blackerby
Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Success Skills Inc; 1 edition (December, 1996)
Language: English
ISBN: 1889997005

Do you, or someone you know have ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia or just about any other learning disability? If so then this book is an absolute must! I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have ready just about every book on ADD/ADHD that I can find and this is the single best resource that I have found. It is also a wonderful resource for learning strategies for anyone. Please visits Don’s website and check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are unsure, read the recommendations below!

Robert Dilts, NLP trainer and author. (My favorite NLP author) Don Blackerby’s book “Rediscover the Joy of Learning” is an engaging and practical book that is an important resource for anyone involved in the process of learning. In my opinion, it is one of the best examples of the powerful and versatile application of NLP to effective education to date. Readers will find the book well chunked, easy to read and packed with valuable ideas, information and techniques. “Rediscover the Joy of Learning” is a must for anyone interested in effective education.

Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom, NLP trainers and authors. Don demonstrates how powerful NLP modelling; can be when applied to a specific area with an outcome in mind. We are inspired by watching Don Blackerby pursue his purpose–his passion and enthusiasm are like a breath of fresh air. His dedication to the cause is apparent. May you also catch the spirit of enthusiasm with which this book was written.

Description: This book offers tips for struggling students and their parents and teachers. It is composed of 3 major sections. The first section contains academic skills tips for students. The second section contains tips for parents and teachers including communication tips and how to positively affect self esteem. The third section contains new information on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and tips on how to more effectively deal with it.