What clients are saying about Tony:

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“I didn’t have any idea how the series of exercises we did would take us anyplace, but, it really worked. I have always been a huge skeptic of visioning, but now I am a believer.”
Traci, Seattle, WA

“Tony helped me to see areas of great opportunity and accountability”
Ian M., Roseville, CA

“Coaching with Tony helped me get out of depression state and into a positive frame of mind. I lost 20 pounds and am on track to lose 50. I finally got baptized after working to accomplish that goal for three years. Tony helped me to gain a different perspective on negative situations. I learned how to eliminate unnecessary worry and to focus on what can be accomplished.
Coaching helped me to streamline my entire life, especially at home; I hired an organizer and house keeper. Having things at home run smoothly has improved my relationship with my entire family. Instead of spending my time talking about problem thinkers, I now am focused on how I can make these people in to positive role models. Tony assisted me in creating an accountability program that makes me finish what I start.”
Dave T, Spokane, WA.
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“Tony is about the easiest guy to get to know. I felt like I could trust him as a friend with intimate details, and could be honest with both of us from the start.”
Jennifer M., Port Angeles, WA

“Tony made me look at my progress in a new light. Instead of being discouraged, I was more proud of myself.”
Marge L., Seattle, WA

“Far exceeded any expectations!”
Terese F., Huntington Beach, CA

“I have done loads of visioning exercises before, but I never have had such a deep experience as I did with Tony.”
Rose S., Seattle, WA

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This is Julia from Texas, and I have been coaching with Tony for 2 months and I am already seeing changes in my life. I have noticed that my thought patterns are shifting to a more positive way of thinking. I have more self control, especially in difficult interactions. My relationships are improving and I am learning to be gracious in accepting appreciation in my life. I am gaining new perspectives, building positive momentum, and taking new actions in my life. I think most important is that I am realizing that change isn’t as hard as I tried to make it out to be–simply gaining new perspectives has allowed me to be happy with ‘who I am’ instead of stress over ‘who am I?’

“Hello Tony, I want you to know that I am changing and it is an awesome thing to recognize. I love how God puts people in our path to support and assist with our new discoveries. Recently, what I have discovered about me is that I spent most of my life living in fear and trying to figure out what other people expected of me. I am now moving from fear into action and building self confidence. I had no idea that learning something new by taking small incremental steps (rather than acting from the all or nothing perspective— that is how you learn and incorporate new habits that eventually become a part of you. Regarding expectations! I have none…I am open to whatever occurs. I am communicating differently with people—it’s not fight or flight. I am learning to listen and negotiate. My attitude is going from negative to outrageous joy.”
Sandra H, Green Acres, FL

“I found working with Tony very beneficial. Our weekly sessions helped to keep me on track and stay focused on my goals, which is essential to starting a new business. Working with Tony gave me the structure I needed to reflect on my life and create the strategies to succeed with my goals. His positive support and encouragement were invaluable.”
Holly S., Portland, OR

“Tony is a capable, competent and a very effective coach and I highly recommend him for any body that wants to succeed in life or career. I have to admit that I was skeptical with this whole coaching thing before I started with Tony; I thought that I was a very successful person and that I have my life in order and did not need coaching, But I followed my gut feeling and gave coaching With Tony a try. I have to say that I have no regrets about it and I would continue doing it because it helped me improve my life tremendously.
I am getting My MBA and had problems with getting my self to study like I should. With the help of Tony I was able to identify the underlying reasons for my procrastinations and bad feelings when it comes to studying. In addition to helping me identify the reasons behind my bad study habits he shared with me an NLP technique called the Swish Pattern that when used it interrupts the current bad feelings I have towards studying and replaces them positive, energetic and Excited feelings towards school and studying. Now when I sit down to study I tend to so my homework and assignments from the point of view of a CEO of a company, a mover and shaker, a man with power and choice as opposed to the old feelings of just doing work to get a grade. I was delaying me graduation and postponing it before my coaching with Tony, but now I have it under control and I will be Graduating with an MBA with emphasis in Technical Management in August 2006.
In addition to helping me find insights in my school, Tony helped me explore ideas and insights with regard to my career. I was going through dilemmas and confusion when I had a job offer and could not decide whither to take it or stay at my current position (I am sure every body goes through that at some time of their career). With the help of Tony I was able to decipher through my feelings, and got to make the logical choice. Sure, I could have done it by my self, but it would have taken weeks; I needed a fast decision and with Tony’s probing questions and his insights into the human thought process I was able to get to the bottom of it in one session.
Tony is a great person to talk too; he has the ability to build rapport with you right off the bat. In the introductory session you will get to know him and to know about coaching and most importantly with the questionnaire he gives you, you will be able to learn a lot about your self too. You will learn who you are as a person, what you stand for, and your values and beliefs and how all of that might affect you as a person.
I have gained a lot from my experience with Tony as my coach and I highly recommend him to any body interested in success, life balance, and self-improvement.”
Peter K., San Jose, CA